Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WHAT'S THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE Between High Achievers and Average Car Sales Consultants?

Part One.

Recently, in a discussion with about thirty five other sales trainers I asked “what have you discovered that were the reasons top sales pros achieved their success?”

These trainers were top achievers themselves in a variety of big ticket sales before choosing training. I was the only automobile professional development specialist in the group. It was stimulating and enlightening to engage in this rapid-fire discussion. So...

What separates great sales guys and gals from average ones?Part one.

Here are some of the differences you can apply, right now, today, to become the successful sales professional waiting inside you. If you are not achieving your potential, are you ready to respond and attack your career, focused like a laser or just to sit back and wait....again?

YOUR Automotivator Sales Personality Dynamics for Success

1. You treat selling as your own business, know that you have more control than anyone else as to whether you succeed or fail.

2. You are motivated and stay self motivated; you don't let the hiccups get you down for long. (People who are successful at this career aren't bothered by their failures, they learn from them.)

3. You are much more empathetic than your unsuccessful peers and understand that solving problems by putting yourself in your prospects shoes makes for better sales results.

4. You understand that just because you are having a good month or quarter, there's always tomorrow and you prepare by having strong and essential pipelines filled with qualified buyers, showroom walk-outs, past customers, service leads, orphan customers.

5. You are short and long term goal oriented. You often use things that you want or need to keep you focused on bringing home the bacon i.e. “I need a new roof, boat, deck , condo,- pick one...”

6. You have a healthy ego which forces you to be the best that you can be.

7. You want the recognition and money that comes with being the best. Nothing wrong with that!

8. You work both hard and smart.

I love this time of year! Hockey has finally started, Baseball play offs are on, Football is midseason –exciting stuff. (Even the Winnipeg Jets). We all admire the best in sports and we can’t help but be impressed with the commitment each player on their team makes to personal conditioning and practice. The best athletes are coachable and always improving.

The difference between an Average and Top Performer in automobile sales is Coaching and commitment. It’s true for you and me—just like in sports!

Folks, listen to your sales team leaders, they can impact your personal bottom-line with their sales coaching. Don’t forget their bonus depends on your achieving success! It is a WIN-WIN! (You could also attend my sales skills specific boot camps to stimulate your motivation and sales skills.)

Here are my last thoughts for this newsletter part one, my friends.

Get up earlier—do your ‘homework’ and show-up ready to perform. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH, provide solutions not BS and Ask for the order. There is more to come shortly.

Get Wealthy by Choice NOT by Chance my friends.

Great Success, and Kick some butt!


Hey, keep in touch, call with your sales challenges and I will work with you personally, okay? I mean it. Lots of sales professionals kick tires with me regularly.

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