Monday, November 28, 2011

What’s the biggest difference between achievers and average automobile sales people? Part Two

To Lie or not to lie...that is the question.

During my years in the car sales business I have witnessed many sales professionals achieve incredible sales and make crazy money year after year and they are straight talking, ‘tell it like it is’ people. I also have witnessed some salespeople "stretch the truth" and they don’t make much money.

NO, it is not just sales people who stretch the truth but other business people do also. For example, trades people share a little fib about completion dates, start dates, extra costs. Financial advisors stretch the truth about the return on your investments if you deal with them. We have all felt taken advantage of from time to time. And we know our customers stretch the truth as a defense tool also. But should we?

My belief is the customer knows a lie has been told 90% of the time. They rarely let on that they know, but they also never forget!

The only person who believes a small lie is OK, is the person who told it.

The customer believes if a salesperson is willing to lie about something small, he will certainly lie about something "big" too!

What every SALESPERSON needs to consider:

Some salespeople believe that a "little lie" is ok to tell as long as it helps get an order. They justify it as "stretching the truth," or feel that it is not a big deal if it is not a "big lie." Humm. Who is fooling who?

What the SALES SUPERSTAR does:

The achiever tells the truth even when it may cause him/her to lose a car sale.

When a customer sees that level of integrity, he knows he can trust the sales consultant in any situation. And they buy...again and again and send their friends.

What can you do?

Tell the truth, or don’t say anything at all. The car business is about the long term. Turning showroom walk-ins into customers and keeping your customers for life. Repeat business and referral business is the mark of a real car sales pro. Whatever gain you may get by "stretching the truth" in the short term, you will surely lose far more money in the long term without repeat and referral business. That’s the truth.

One other thing is true, this is a great business and we have people who live well and enjoy commission sales because we sell what people want—vehicles. And they keep coming back. And once a customer buys from you they prefer to stick with you, they value the relationship and your integrity too.

So get up earlier—do your ‘homework’ and show-up ready to perform. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH, provide solutions not BS and always Ask for the order. There is more to come shortly.

Get Wealthy by Choice NOT by Chance my friends.

Great Success, and Kick some butt!


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