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The CLOSE Are you a Clerk, order-taker or Pro?

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What is the difference between a clerk, order taker and a sales professional? I find all three where vehicles are sold. I have heard some people say they choke up when they try to close. I believe if they understood that closing is helping a customer make a positive decision they wouldn’t choke, they would become more motivated. Closing is helping not pressure! Read on and I will share the secret.

Ø The clerk is not engaged in the decision making process. Essentially, clerks take your money and complete the paperwork. But they had no value to the transaction and they get paid what they are worth.

Ø Order-takers provide information but play no role in the decision making process of the purchaser. All the decisions are left to the customer. No wonder so many customers say, “I have to think it over” at the conclusion of a test drive and walk. These serious showroom prospects have to walk because the salesperson didn’t provide the confidence and help the client needs to make their buying decision. There are too many walk-outs because there are too many sales clerks and order-takers. Don’t be one, okay?

Ø The Sales professional knows how to close. They are students of their business; they understand their customers came to their showroom for answers so they can comfortably conclude the deal. They have done their research on the internet websites, read the consumer reports, visited your dealership when you were closed and read the fine print in your ads. The know what they want and know the payments and price range before they walk in!! Your showroom prospect is at the end of their buying cycle, they come prepared to make a decision if they can get a little help. They don’t want to shop anymore, they want to enjoy their new car or truck …not talk about it anymore.


The Professional sales consultant designs his/her presentation to remove fears or doubts and give solutions to their customers Achievers succeed more often because they provide meaningful help in making the decision before they ask the Closing Question.

CloseAt the right time… Pros give a reason to buy and ask for the order. This then gives your client the opportunity to decline your offer and share their reason. “I’m not ready yet, “I have to talk it over with my spouse”, and you have heard it many times before. And this is what you really want to hear.

Now your professional skills come into play. Are you ready…really? They really want you to give them a positive, reasonable perspective to proceed and make their vehicle purchase. They don’t want your business card. They want you to influence them comfortably to make the decision so they can get on the road with their new vehicle!

This is what my sales consultants achieve in my Skill Specific Coaching workshops—How to Close the Deal...without pressure!! At least that is what the salespeople tell me after attending these coaching conferences across this great land.

Professionals are perceived by their clients as problem solvers—a valuable, necessary component in their buying experience. Yes, there are risks when making a purchase but sales professionals minimize these risks and reduce the fears for their customers. That is your job. That is what you bring to the transaction. They really appreciate your ability.

AUTOMOTIVATOR FACT - Clerks and order takers make a modest wage and the pro makes a fortune.

I work with some of the best salespeople in the business and do they make money—money that school principles and lawyers would like to make but, without their aggravation. These are the same professionals that I will work with at least twice a year. They keep on sharpening their axes to be ready to help their clients and be better than their competition.

My point—too many people selling vehicles are not professionals because they are not committed to helping people make positive buying decisions. They just give information and wait for the customer to make the decision to buy. That is what clerks and order takers do. If you are one, make the shift!

You are a partner in the buying process, my friend, not a pain.

So rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. Are you a sales professional or something else?

So get up earlier—do your ‘homework’ and show-up ready to perform. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH, provide solutions not BS and always Ask for the order. There is more to come shortly.

Get Wealthy by Choice NOT by Chance my friends.

Great Success, and Kick some butt!


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