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Not making the money you want and need? Are you running on empty?  Read on my friend.
Every week someone says to me, “I need to break thru my sales barrier.  I seem to be stuck at the same sales figures every month.” 
If you are stuck, let me share with you what I do for myself when I am in a rut.  I also coach salespeople through the same challenge.  How?
Become seriously dissatisfied with your earnings level. Are you earning what you want yet?  A little anger with your personal situation works.

Get unstuck—set a new standard.  Raise the bar!  

Set new goals for your personal life that requires more money to achieve. Without a new goal you will not have the self-motivation to do what it takes.  YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A BETTER MARKET.  The time is right, the market is there.  Get your piece of it folks.
Automotivator Key to Success
The sales guys I see at the top of the charts most months faced the same challenge.  I coach them until they set a higher standard for themselves. (I am particularly proud of Sheldon, Darin, Terry, Mike, Brenda, Craig, Keith, Dean, Carl,Dave, Jackie and about 65 other true sales professionals who made incredible money last year and are on target for bigger results this year.)
 It is all about a mental barrier.  Breaking through this mental comfort barrier first starts with a free-will choice.  Are you willing to make changes or not?   IF the answer is YES, then make things happen. 
The key to success is understanding the law of Action and Reaction.
Action and Reaction.  You do something positive and productive and you will get a positive result.   It’s the law.


u Learn your new and used vehicles well.   Okay is not good enough to make a difference in your pay cheque.
u Sell more used vehicles!  The commissions are better so focus on them.

u Always show a vehicle.   I can’t believe how many salespeople will say to a serious buyer,  “We don’t have that model, or colour or equipment.”  That is so dumb.  You never have the perfect vehicle for every client opportunity.  But always show your best available choice.  Explain that this vehicle is only a representative vehicle but you can get them what they want with no difficulty.  Always present something.  Never say, “We don’t have one,” or they won’t stick around.  Why should they?
u Present Your vehicle better than the other guy or gal.  Drive first and sell it with power and enthusiasm! The decision to buy is made during the Presentation Drive, not at your desk!
u GO FOR THE CLOSE!   At the end of the Presentation Drive ask your client,   “Is this the vehicle you want to take to work next week?”  Ask right in the vehicle and you will get positive reactions.  Actions and reactions!
u Follow-up relentlessly with showroom walk-outs.  Send a personal note to your prospects. Real mail is working to bring people back—it sets you apart from everyone else.   It impacts when you send a real note with a hand written envelop—it gets opened first. 

There is more but, these are the actions to start today.  There is no magic pixie-dust that I can sprinkle on your forehead and you will suddenly sell more vehicles.  Life is not like that for anybody.  It is all about Action and Reaction

I believe in education and learning.  I believe in hard work.  I believe in persistence against the odds and I believe in faith and hope.  I even believe in a little good luck - now and then.  But, I also believe that chance favours the person who raises the bar, makes a decision to act and that puts a plan into action.  The sales ideas above are where I would start today!   What is holding you back?  Call 1-800-668-0362, let’s talk.

Motivation quote for the week: Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.  John Wooden
Remember - Get Wealthy by Choice NOT by Chance my friends.
Great Success, and Kick some butt in 2013!
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