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HOW to get over YOUR Sales Slump

HOW to get over YOUR  Sales  Slump
Action Plan

Sooner or later, every salesperson experiences a down period of sales results. These periods are normal and to be expected.  Look, you have been down this road—but you sure can’t afford to stay in a funk.  Here are some hints to fill the bank back up!  
               They are:
1.         An attitude slump.         2.      A prospecting slump. 
3.         A presentation slump.  4.       A closing slump.
An attitude slump - You find it difficult to maintain your confidence, poise, commitment, dedication, persistence and motivation. This can be due to a number of causes.
·         You have lost perspective.  Customers always say “We are just looking, we’re not buying today.”  You forget that is the norm in our sales business.  Instead, you start believing what your customers say when you first meet them.  Don’t!  Everyone you sell starts off this way—even you!!
·         To many salespeople, the word ‘no’ is linked to feelings of rejection and failure. Rejection and failure for many salespeople lead to frustration, discouragement and despair.  STOP!
o   Don’t be a victim of this type of this mind game!
o   Give your head a shake and reverse the situation.
·         You don’t have specific weekly sales and income goals.  You will NEVER make it if you don’t have a reason to get out of bed, come early and stay late to accomplish your goals.
·         You have other issues in your life that are impacting your attitudes.  Poor relationships with the spouse or family de-motivate.  Go to the source of the concern and work it out.  It is always less difficult than you think it will be.
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A prospecting slump -  You lack adequate qualified leads and are spending a great deal of time waiting.  Waiting on walk-in traffic. As a result, your close ratio is a disaster. 

·         Lack of Be-Back Sales - Caused by your poor follow-up of showroom walk-outs. Get off your butt and follow-up!  Be-backs close at 50%- 70%.  Get your Hot Prospect system working.
·         Few Repeat Customer Sales – Caused by NOT maintaining contact with past customers who should be back buying from you again.  If you are a newer sales consultant you should get a list of orphan customers who are coming into their finance or lease termination right now. Get this from your sales leader and act today!  Customers love to buy from you again.
·         Few Referral Sales - Because you are not keeping in touch with your customers regularly in a meaningful way.  This is your bread and butter just as it is for me.
A presentation slump – It means you are boring when you present your vehicles.   You have lost impact with your customers.  Sales drop like a lead balloon.  This is caused by:
·         Product Knowledge - Your lack of up-to-date product knowledge is showing.
·         Presentation Skills - You are not creating excitement anymore, you are not targeting your customers ‘hot buttons’.  You are taking your profession for granted.
·         Poor communication skills: You are not asking questions first then listening.  Target your customers concerns; don’t rattle on like a wound up toy.  Speak with confidence and authority. Add presentation flair.  Get more exciting, motivating and interesting with your voice.   Use your hands more dramatically.  Have more FUN!
A closing slump can be caused by your lack of control of the sales process.  Your customers are ready to buy, today.  They want to get the deal done. 
·         Your slump is caused by not ASKING your customer to buy. You wait for them the make the decision without a helpful nudge from you.  Ask more often, okay?
·         Not giving enough reasons to buy before asking.
·         Choosing the wrong location to close.  Closing at your desk instead of Closing in the Front Seat!
Automotivator Key to success.  
         The thing to know is that all of these slumps can be stopped quickly.  If you are experiencing an attitude slump, it will have an impact on your follow-up, and closing.  If you are in a closing slump, it will impact your attitude like an anchor.
         Reflect and self-evaluate your weaknesses and strengths.  Talk to your sales manager.  He has been there and will have valuable insights to help you. Make the changes and make more sales.  No excuses.  Just take action.  Don’t be a victim. It is also a good time to attend my Skill Specific Coaching workshop.  It will give you the perspective and the skills you need to succeed. Email

This week's action:  Start now to get out of your slump.

This week’s affirmation:-  No matter what is going on around me, I am in control of my destiny.  I will make more money and more sales. I will NOT be a victim!

Remember - Get Wealthy by Choice NOT by Chance my friends.
Great Success, and Kick some butt in 2012!
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