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Sell More Cars - Make Contact

Success Hints
Target Showroom Walk-outs!
Selling is a contact sport,  just like hockey...but you need to be better than the competition.  Use all the potential that good follow-up gives you to grow your business!
When showroom walk-ins become walk-outs … turn them into be-backs.
Follow-up showroom walk-outs to generate a lot more be-back sales for you. People come, look and leave—that is a fact but most sales consultants do NOT follow-up.  They walk ‘em and forget ‘em!
It is also a fact—not everyone you meet is going to leave you and buy at the next store.  They will come back to you if you are following them up.  If you aren’t following them up then they simply keep on shopping ‘til somebody sells them...but it won’t be you.
Hot Prospect follow-up pays off$$$.  Your closing ratio is between 35 and 50% with be-backs.  Heck of a lot better than first walk-ins at 13%!!

Timing is important in selling. Every minute you lose following up a new prospect brings you closer to missing out on this additional business. 
Don’t wait.  Your customer walks and you walk over to your desk and get them into your system. Put into your notes about their trade, approx value, mileage, condition, client payment range.  You will be much more effective when you do connect with your prospect.
The Success Key:   
·         Send personal ‘real mail’ notes within a few hours after the showroom visit.
·         Hand-write a PS note with a benefit to your prospect.
·         Hand-write the envelope, don’t use labels.
·         Your real mail contact letters are unique— you guarantee you will stand out from everyone else and make a powerful impact. And you get 100% contact every time.  Something that phone contact or email does not guarantee. 
·         You should include about 30-40 showroom walk-outs each month.
·         Follow your prospects for 64 days so you will be following effectively about 60 – 70 real high quality, motivated prospects.  You will increase your sales by 2-4 deliveries each month!   Be-Backs close quickly and happily.  
·         Car Sales is a Contact Sport, soooo get connecting.Check out the easiest and best customer contact system Trackstar WEB. Check our
Happy followupping!!!
The pros set goals - If you want to make things really happen for you…set some specific goals.  Set a target to generate a certain number of be-back appointments every week.   Make hot prospect management a  permanent part of your regular selling routine.
Don’t wait!  It will cost you money...serious $$$.
Dealers and Sales Managers - Get with the 21st century and manage your Hot Prospects every day with Trackstar WEB.  It is the most inexpensive, least complicated and most powerful follow-up system in the car business.  Save you $100,000.00’s in lost gross profits.  Check out our website:      Email -
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I was in Saskatchewan and Vancouver area last month working with some of the best sales professionals in the country.   This was an intensive series of workshops on the latest information and skills required to deliver powerful closing success.  I do this with select dealers at least twice a year since 1984.  Ironically, these dealers are also the top profit producers in the country.  Go figure.   It is profitable to get together to fine tune and grow your sales team’s skills.  You want them to come back pumped and ready to go again.
Customer Relationship Management is automatic with Trackstar.  You increase your control over your clients and increase your sales.   Don’t leave it to your prospects or clients to just come back.   With Trackstar WEB you will always be targeting ‘be-backs’ automatically!  More Sales…automatically. 
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 Remember - Get Wealthy by Choice NOT by Chance my friends.
Great Success, and Kick some butt in 2012!
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